about us

We are Joel and Casey Faircloth. We got married in 2008 and live on 15 acres in north central Iowa. After we got married we started to add to our business. We both have grown up in the country our entire lives and been around animals. When we got married one thing we definitely wanted was to have animals with us where ever we lived, especially dogs. Joel grew up with English Springer Spaniels and Casey grew up with a couple of different dogs including an Australian Cattle dog. Our dogs are some of our best friends. Along with our dogs we have cats, peafowl, chickens, & Jacob sheep. 

Joel works full time at Tama County where he operates a digger used to dig ditches, he also operates a snowplow in the winter clearing highways in Tama County. Casey is a 4th grade teacher at GMG and also works part time at a restaurant. August 2015, our daughter Peyton was born. She is amazing and we are completely blessed. The dogs are a little jealous but they are very protective of her too. Our dogs have always been our priority so now they have to share us which is strange to them. :) 

*Both of us are extremely busy with our jobs, family and taking care of the farm but our dogs are always our priority. 

*We no longer breed American Water Spaniels. We love the breed but we have decided to focus on the springer spaniels breed. Sorry for any inconvenience.* 

*We are proud to say that we are licensed by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Periodic inspections assure that our dogs are housed in sanitary conditions and all their medical needs are addressed. We work very hard to keep our dogs' homes safe and clean.