Testimonies of past Customers


These are some testimonials from people that have bought puppies and life long companians from us. We are lucky to have the privalage to sell to people that are fantastic and still keep in contact with us of how the puppies have grown. Thank you again from both of us to everyone that has given our puppies the best homes you can. Thank you!!

Annie Duke- English Springer Spaniel

Annie was born in Sept. 2009. Although she was one of the smallest in her litter, she more than makes up for it in curiosity and fearlessness! She gets along with other people and other dogs. One of her favorite spots is behind your shoulders on the couch. We have taken her on trips to MO and to Ames, IA. We took her fishing on a small fishing boadt and it went pretty well. She loves to run down on the football field across from our house and chase the birds. They tease her by flying low in front of her, but she sure can run!! She had some chewing problems as she seems to like my favorite socks, and her stuffed toys never seem stuffed long. Annie is extremely pretty and we fell in love with her on site! Great addition to our family!

Jeff & Tammy Voss

Annie is from Lizzy & Levi's 2nd litter



                           Toby-English Springer Spaniel

Before we got married, my husband and I moved in together. I already owned a beagle, but he wanted another dog. He had always loved springer spaniels so we got Toby from Joel & Casey. Toby & Koda clicked immediately and it was so wonderful to have both of them! Toby had always listened extremely well without any obedience training. He gets along with other dogs and people of all ages. He is very energetic and loveable. Toby loves to run through our timber, chew on bones and get his belly scratched. We have had several compliments on Toby because of his appearance, including our vet who said that Toby is one of the most beautiful springers she had ever seen. He is now just a little over a year old and is 51 lbs. I would recomend buying springer spaniels for anyone that wants an extremely well behaved dog that can be around children and requires little to no training. Toby is truly a wonderful dog!!

Derek & Ellen Kulhavy

Toby is from Mya & Levi's 1st litter



Logan & Koda- English Springer Spaniels

I have been around dogs my entire life. I have owned my own for eleven years and have helped out with some of my neighbors’ & relatives’ dogs and NEVER in my life have I ever seen dogs like this. Casey and Joel breed the best Springer Spaniels. In my entire life I ever never met any dogs more lovable, devoted and filled with such happiness. If you are looking for a dog, stop looking now because you will NEVER find any dog better. My parents bought me two Springer Spaniel boys for my 18th birthday and I have loved them since day one. They are truly amazing dogs. And on a side note, not once have either one of them even barked at anyone. They love everyone and just want to be loved; no more, no less. I have never been happier in my life getting my two puppies for my 18th birthday instead of a car. They are truly the worlds’ greatest dogs. I truly recommend buying from Joel & Casey if you want a dog to be your forever friend!

Steven Paine

Koda & Logan are from Lizzy& Levi's 2nd litter


Marley - English Springer Spaniel

We’ve had English Springer Spaniels for 25 years and after having our last Springer, Josie, put to sleep after 15 years, the house became a little too quiet not to have a dog around.We started looking for a puppy from somewhere in Iowa and were disappointed in some of the sites we visited – they were just a little too much on the “puppy mill” side for us.Then we came across Joel & Casey’s website and felt they were what we were looking for.After several email exchanges we decided they really cared about their dogs and finding good homes for their puppies.

We chose the “red puppy” after hearing she was the smallest in the litter but Casey told us she also thought she was the boss.We named her Marley Jo originally but after the first week we changed that to “Narley Marley”.She may have started out small but she made up for size with her attitude.She weighed 4.6 at 6 weeks, 9.2 at 10 weeks and then took off and weighed 18 lbs. at 14 weeks.She continues to grow in height and length on a daily basis.

The very first day we had Marley I started throwing little stuffed animals for her to fetch and was amazed at her natural instincts.She does a great job at retrieving but still has a little work on learning to ‘release’.As she grows we’re also amazed at how fast she is getting; when she races to retrieve she tumbles head over heals trying to return.She is shy when meeting new people or dogs for about the first 10 seconds and then lets them know she thinks she’s the boss.She also attacks weeds as you pull them, brooms as you sweep and she tries to destroy any type of vacuum.She figured out the house training pretty quick and now walks to the door when she needs to go outside.

We’ve taken her to our acreage a few times and although she always picks up the ‘flattened’ frogs off the street, she isn’t quite sure what to think of all the live bullfrogs in our pond.She hasn’t caught any yet but has started swimming in our pond. She also likes to jump into the bathtub when you’re in the shower; to get a drink or just to take a nap.


She is full of personality and gives us hours of entertainment every day. We would recommend our friends to Joel and Casey to purchase a puppy.

Mike & Teresa Flack

Marley is from Mya & Levi's 2nd litter.



Chesterfield- American Water Spaniel


 I've wanted to get a hunting dog for a number of years. I primarily duck hunt but also do a little upland hunting as well.  I live in a townhouse & thought that because of the typical "bigger" hunting dog would not be a great fit for me so I began researching smaller dogs that could still handle the colder fall & winter temperatures that we typically get in Minnesota. After looking into several breeds, I zeroed in on the American Water Spaniel because of their smaller size, their history as a versatile hunting dog, their ability to tolerate colder temperatures.  

Dealing with Joel & Casey was a pleasure from the very first email that I received back from them all the way to the day I picked Chester up and beyond.  They were very straight forward with me and gave me as much information about the pups and pictures of them as I could have possibly wanted.  They were also very punctual in responding to my questions. They also were very patient with me on the day that I picked out my pup. My hunting buddy and I spent over an hour playing with the litter and getting to know the puppies before finally settling in on one.  The whole time Joel & Casey were patient with us and offered up different play situations so we could see the puppies interact with us and each other.  They were very helpful in allowing me to pick out the right pup for me.  I still occasionally hear from Casey on Facebook, as she is always interested in how Chester is doing. 

I couldn't be happier with the dog that I got from them. He is energetic and has a great fun loving personality.  On my first visit to the vet, my veterinarian noted how well socialized he was and how good he was at interacting with people. He gets along great with other dogs and people. He also just seems to know that he needs to be gentler with younger children.  He doesn't seem to have a mean spirited bone in his body.  Chester has taken well to basic obedience trainging and was quite easy to house train.  He also did pretty well his first hunting season despite starting it at just 6 monthes old. Chester was able to retrieve approximately 50 ducks for us in his first year. He as by no means perfect as he had a little bit of a tough time dealing with the cold water once the temperatures began to dip, but he has shown a great deal of promise and as he matures I am confident that he will become a good hunting dog. 

Thanks so much to Joel & Casey for helping me get a great companion.

Andrew Polum

Chester is from Sage & Gizmo's 3rd litter 

 Chester's first hunting season 2012- Roughly 6 months old